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Laid Low by the Typhus

At work we have a saying. If someone is sick, or remotely looks ┬álike they are going to sneeze or cough or even exhale with illness, we ask them one simple question. “You got the typhus?” That, in dispatch-ese means, […]
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Grandmother’s Aromatherapy Obsession

I never knew my grandmother was so obsessed with aromatherapy and I never knew how it affected me until I sat down to think about what to write. this week. I remember as a child, my favorite times with my […]

New Name, New Blog, New Purpose

With changing my business name, I had to change my blog name too. The Sweet Life isn’t so sweet anymore when you’ve taken “Sweet” out of your business name. So I ran a contest on Facebook to help me pick […]
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Snow Day Reading, Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to read. Ever since I was a little girl, if I wasn’t trying to dose the neighbors with candy aspirin and pink band-aids or making monumental wooden block countries, I was […]
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Lemon: Puritanical Spa-Junkie & Clean Freak

Long ago (yeah okay well in MY life a year is a loooooong time), when I set up my blog space on my website, I’d decided that I should totally write about essential oil chemistry and clinical recipes. Well, that […]
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Finding An Aromatic Destiny

I never really loved the name Sweet Earth Essentials Aromatherapy, LLC. I came up with it on the phone with my friend Michelle who built my very first website. What I needed was a name that meant earthy and natural […]